Saturday 12 January 2013

Overtoun Bridge, Dumbarton

A short run today to Overtoun House. This is an impressive Scottish Baronial pile near Dumbarton. But it was not the house I came to see but the adjacent bridge. A sturdy stone arch over a gorge the bridge has a dark side. Since the 1950's this has been the site of a large number a apparent suicides - by dogs! Mutts jump off the bridge at a rate of up to one per month. Amazingly ones that survived the fall jump again when back on the bridge. A study found that the dogs jump from the same part of the bridge, typically in still, fine weather and they are usually long nosed types. The current theory is that the dogs smell mink that live in the gorge and jump the solid parapet not realising the drop on the other side.


CBF at the bridge

"Don't do it Rover!"
Overtoun Bridge
Overtoun House





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