Friday 25 January 2013

Snow Fun #2

A look back to more biking in the snow.

 March 1980 and I'm practicing "powerslides" on my Suzuki TS100. This was the best "snow bike" I've owned. It was light, had knobbly tyres and high bars. I blame the naff eagle decal on the top box on brother Norman who, I'm sure, gave it to me.

Another good winter bike - an MZ ETZ125, December 1995 I think. It was brutally cold getting down to -20C at the end of the month. I rode the MZ to Hamilton were I was working at the time. The little bike started and ran ok in the extreme cold. At 50mph the wind chill made it feel that the heat was being sucked out of your body.

About 1986. My Honda CB250RS buried under snow outside my flat in Shawlands. 


  1. Guilty as charged! That was the old topbox off of my CD175.

  2. Yes, are hardcore!!