Wednesday, 6 February 2013


A run to the Highlands today. Weather was bright and bearable (above freezing, anyway) until Tyndrum were it became windy and astonishingly cold.

Loch Tulla and Beinn an Dothaidh (right) (pronounced Byn an Daw-ee!)

 Lochan na Stainge at Rannoch Moor

After 85 miles I chucked it here at the start of Glen Coe. It was so cold by this time I could hardly work the camera.


An enjoyable day out dispite the cold with the CBF going well - especially on the way home with a brisk northerly wind behind us.


  1. Ah, we're a hardy breed, the Scots. You're a braver (colder?) man than I, though. Nice photos as usual, Stuart.

  2. Hardcore, and must have anti-freeze running through your veins...