Friday, 19 April 2013

CBF Spring Clean - Part#2

Engine casings cleaned and frame tubes re-painted
Hammerite is a perfect match for the original silver on the swing arm
The footrest hangers were cleaned with a pan scourer & sprayed with clear lacquer 
Front end back together



  1. Looks great! I need to do everything you just did to your bike, with several of mine....and then some. Can't use the weather as an excuse anymore, because it's been very nice here....

    1. Part#3 - the last part coming soon. I would have finished the bike but I was away in France this week and am going to the bike show at Stafford (UK's biggest classic show) on Saturday - it's a hard life eh? I'm lucky to have the time to tinker with the CBF - in the past I wouldn't have bothered.

  2. Baufix, does what it says on the tin :-)