Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Two Memorials and an Unusual Bridge

 The coast road south of Ayr

Memorial to the Russian Cruiser "Varyag". This ship was built in Philadelphia in 1899 for the Imperial Russian Navy. The ship fought in the Russo-Japanese War and was scuttled by her crew at the Battle of Chemulpo Bay in 1905. The Japanese salvaged and repaired the ship. It was returned to the Russians in 1916 when it was sent to Britain for a refit. Because of the revolution Britain refused to return the ship. It sank off Lendalfoot in Ayrshire en route to Germany to be scapped in 1920.

In the village of Barr I came across this well maintained piece of Victoriana. A memorial drinking fountain to a local man killed in the Boer War.

Remains of the snow that fell last month.

 I passed this bridge near Kirkmichael. It may be an access into the lands of Cloncaird Castle. This is a Tudor arch - an unusual form for a bridge (the bridge isn't of the Tudor era - 19C I'm sure)

*** update***

It is Blairquhan Bridge, an access to Blairquhan Castle. The castle was built in 1824 and I guess the bridge is also from that date. The castle's architectural style is described as "Tudor Revival", thus the arch style. Historic Scotland describe it as a Gothic arch, but I think they're wrong.


  1. Now that is a very interesting bit of international history concerning that ship! Is the fountain cast iron? Like you say it has been preserved quite nicely.

  2. Yes Larry, cast iron & looking good with some fresh paint.

  3. I write a blog about memorial drinking fountains and would like permission to use the photos of this drinking fountain. I will, of course, credit and link back to your site. You can view my blog at