Tuesday 16 July 2013

CBF Gear Change Modification

My Honda CBF 250 has a linkage type gear change. There is a bit of slop in the linkage. The reason for the free play is that the joints in the linkage are just a bent rod into holes which tends to wear. I thought I could improve the design. I bought a couple of 8mm rose joints and these were simple to fit.

I got the rose joints from Engineers Mate via eBay for £3.26 each inc delivery ($5)

Original gear lever

Joint is bent rod secured by a split pin

Rose joints & rod I made from a length of brass

Rose joint

New gear lever arrangement

*** update ***

This joint was first used on German aircraft in WW2. They were later made by Rose Bearings Ltd in the UK & HG Heim Company in the US where they are known as heim joints. My joints were made in China, of course.

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  1. I will try this on my cbf 250, as it will definitely improve the shoddy couplings thanks.
    Barry from Western Australia