Thursday, 25 July 2013


All the bikes either need tyres or will soon need tyres so I bought three pairs. They are all Avon AM26 Roadriders. I've used them on the CBF and found that they have good grip & wear. I'm also going to try a pair on the FJs. In the past I've used Avon Storm/Azaro radials on the FJs. The Roadriders are a little cheaper but mostly I'm hoping for greater mileage. I'm sure that tyre compounds are getting softer. I used to get about 5,000 miles from an FJ rear but the last one was bald at under 3,000 miles.

I bought my tyres from Buster's Accessories. website

Tonight I fitted a rear to the newer FJ

I remove the disc to avoid damage during fitting

Home made bead breaker

The critical part is the blade that pushes the bead

Cutting through the bead with an angle grinder makes removal easier (don't do this in the garage - there is considerable smoke)

Tyre soap on the bead & wheel rim allows the tyre to seat properly

I use this stand to balance the wheel and make sure it's seated


  1. Do you use tyre levers to get the new tyres on?? Cant imagine thats very easy??!!

  2. I use ordinary levers. A tubeless tyre is no harder to fit than a non-tubeless. The hard bit is done by the air pressure forcing the bead onto the "shoulder" of the rim. I use plenty of tyre soap which helps getting the tyre on and allows it to seat properly.