Tuesday 16 July 2013

Me, a horse and Frank Zappa in the middle of a field

Our horse, Fritz, injured a tendon running about in his field and is now on box rest for a few weeks. I take him out for a couple of hours each day for exercise and to eat some grass. He can't go out with the other horses since more running about could cause permanent damage. He's an old fellow now 24 in horse years = about 70 in human terms.

It's a pretty boring task but that's where Frank comes in. I've downloaded some of his albums to pass the time in the field. Frankly (ha ha) I wouldn't listen to some of them unless I was trying to kill some time (his work varies between genius & unlistenable). Today's albums were "Burnt Weeny Sandwich" & "Chunga's Revenge"

The weather has been warm & dry over the last couple of weeks but my compassion will be tested when it starts raining.

*thinks* - "What the hell is a Burnt Weeny Sandwich?"

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  1. Haha, great post title. One of my Zappa favorites is 'Orange County Lumbertruck'...another interesting title, and no lyrics...they just jam.