Sunday 25 August 2013

FJ Wheel Re-Paint

I fitted a pair of tyres to the old FJ. The bike is not on the road at the minute but it's as well fitting them if only because they can be swapped onto the new bike quickly if needed. The rims were a bit tatty so I re-painted them using Ford Nimbus Grey (a metallic silver-grey) which is a perfect match with the original paint. Getting a good finish on wheels is easy if I put them on the wheel stand I use for balancing. I spin the wheel as I spray it and this gives a nice even coating with no runs.

Front wheel

Needs a few miles to remove the rust from the disc

Rear wheel


  1. I have just done this to a rough BMW R1100S that I recently purchased. I changed the colour from grey to satin black and replaced the disk bolts with stainless, what a difference it makes. Black is the new grey you know :-) Like the spinning idea!

  2. I saw your BM at Norman's. A lot of cosmetic work needed but he started it up and the engine sounded healthy.

    1. Oh yes, I had it there for a week but I have been doing quite a lot of work on it. Forks, engine casings and covers, morrors and wheels have been re painted. Stainless steel bolt kit has been mostly installed and the seat is away getting recovered. Its beginning to look decent again. It was cheap and mechanically sound so thought it was worth a punt! When I removed the rear caliper the pad material fell out :-) so new pads all round!