Friday 2 May 2014

CBF Spring Clean 2014 - Part#1

Starting at the front. The front wheel looked pretty rough. There was tarnishing of the alloy. A good scrub cleaned most of it up.

I brush painted most of the wheel. It has a sand cast finish so this is ok. The rims are smooth so I decided to spray them. To protect the tyre I broke the bead and made a "shield" out of thin plywood.

Looks ok

I like the gold disc centres on my old FJ...... I painted the CBF's.
Draining the fork oil

 The fork gaiters were perished & split. I'll get a new set for next winter but in the meanwhile I'll fit these protectors. I'm not convinced they do much.....

I usually clean & lubricate the front brake caliper but this time I removed the master cylinder & caliper to do some painting 

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  1. Good job Stuart, thats really freshened everything up. Those plastic stanchion protectors are actally rather good at preventing stones from chipping the surface, the st1100s had them and mine were all pitted with stone chips but the forks were fine.