Wednesday 7 May 2014

CBF Spring Clean 2014 - Part#2

An item I have been meaning to fix for some time is the steering head bearings. There is a distinct "notch" in the movement at the straight ahead position. It is a minor irritation and really only noticeable when going slow (eg filtering through traffic) but since the forks were off I decided replace the bearings.

There are a couple of issues in replacing the bearings. Firstly the rings that hold the yoke in place require a special tool. I found that the adjuster for my FJ rear shock works perfectly but I made one anyway. This will allow me use a torque wrench when re-fitting.

Secondly, and this is a pain, the lower bearing race is hard to remove. The upper one has a lip but the lower one doesn't. The manual shows a special tool, presumably this expands to grip the race. 
Special tool to remove rings (my manual is in Portugese)
Home made tool & steering head rings
The top bearing came out easily, surprisingly it's a ball bearing rather than a taper roller.
Yoke (triple clamp)
FJ shock adjusting tool (with extension)

Special tool to remove lower bearing race
The lower bearing race is difficult to remove.....
....this is why

Taper roller bearing kit
The upper bearing race shows signs of small dents that caused the "notch". The taper bearings are better because they spread the load better.
I removed the lower race by cutting into it with a grinding disc on a mini drill and splitting it with a chisel. Not subtle, but it worked.

Original ball bearings and new tapered rollers
I made this using the old bearing to drive the new bearings onto the shaft.
The front end all back together, painted and with replacement stainless steel bolts.  
A month into the clean up and there's still lots to do. I'm in no rush - I've all summer to work on the bike. The trouble is that when I do some work I find even more to do. Nothing major - just the effects of riding through the winter. I put the front end back together before starting on another area. I also need to get some parts.


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