Thursday, 3 July 2014

FJ Silencer Re-Spray

I fitted a pair of MIVV silencers to the FJ for the riding season (here) I bought these cheap (£50 new, from eBay) a few years ago. They look & sound like the originals and the bike runs fine with them. But the finish isn't great - just painted. They eventually started to tarnish and I decided to paint them. I've used a satin finish high temperature paint on the CBF's "winter" silencer (here) and it survived a winter so I was happy this would work. The problem is that it is a brush paint and this doesn't give a great finish. I have a spray gun I bought at an autojumble so I though I'd try that. I thinned the paint about 3:1 and the finish looks pretty good. 


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