Sunday 14 December 2014

FJ Ride Height Adjustment

It is generally considered on the FJ Owners Forum that the bike benefits from an increase in rear ride height.

The older of my two FJ does seem a little low a the back - something may have sagged over the years - it happens to us all. So I thought I'd try it out. The costs are minimal and I'm always up for a bit of tinkering.

As with any bike with a linkage type rear suspension the ride height can be adjusted by making new "dog bones" with a different hole spacing. A shorter spacing give increased ride height and visa versa. Advice from the Forum is that 5mm reduction in spacing gives a 25mm (1 inch) increase in ride height. The original dog bones are single flat pieces of mild steel so replacements are easily made.

Part #15 are the dog bone linkages to be replaced.
I sourced a flat bar 35mm x 6mm x 1000m from Wickes hardware store.

The bar is the same thickness as the originals and slightly wider
It's important that the new linkages are exactly the same length so I tack welded the plates together & marked them out for drilling
A step drill is the best way to get a clean 12mm hole
The completed linkages
Given a coat of paint
FJ with original linkages (left) and new linkages (right) - not a lot of difference.
I'm not using the bike at this time of year but it felt ok during a quick spin round the block. The roads are too wet & greasy for heroics just now so I'll have to wait until spring to find out how it works. 


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