Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Winter Run to the Rosneath Peninsular

The weather has been gloomy for a while but today the sun shone although it was pretty cool: 7C/45F. So I wrapped up well, cranked the new heated grips up and went for a run on the CBF around the Rosneath Peninsular. This is fairly close to home but offers some good roads & views.

Gare Loch
A resident of the loch
Gare Loch - looking south
The CBF casts a long shadow at Kilcreggan. It's mid-day but the sun is low at this time of year
The sun over Loch Long
A tanker coming from Finnart oil terminal
There are a lot of grand mansions on the Loch Long coast. Built by the wealthy in the Victorian era.

Winter warrior!

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