Sunday, 10 May 2015

Featured Trike - Honda Gyro UP

I saw lots of these little trikes on the Greek island of Mykonos last week. They are a tilting three wheeler that hinge behind the rider to allow it to bank over while the rear wheels stay on the ground. They have a goods platform at the rear and are used for deliveries to shops & restaurants in Mykonos town which has a warren of very narrow streets. Unusually for a Honda it has a two stroke engine.   

The lever below the clocks locks the "hinge" when parked.
The Gyro in its natural habitat

Several models of the Gyro have been made starting in 1982 and is still going today. It's mostly Japan market only and I've never seen one anywhere else so it's a mystery how so many got to Mykonos.

The Gyro is not a unique concept, of course. It was patented by an English engineering company G.L.Wallis & Son and sold by BSA as the Ariel 3 in 1970. It was not a success and proved to be a nail in the coffin of BSA. The design was later licensed to Honda. 

Ariel 3

This trike has a home-made feel about it - I think it started life as a Chinese scooter.

Heavier goods in the town were moved by an old Mazda three wheeler.
In Corfu this battered Yamaha step-thru is used by a parcel delivery company and has a tea chest sized top box 

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  1. Not come across that particular machine before. Isn't it strange how some places seem to have loads of one type of vehicle? Last time I was in France there were loads of those Piaggio scooters with two wheels at the front. In Italy most deliveries seem to get done in a Piaggio Ape van, and when I was in Thailand years ago they'd strap homemade sidecars to almost anything, including 50cc mopeds before loading them down with more stuff than I'd feel comfortable with in my car.