Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Featured Bike - Ducati Scrambler

I saw this new Ducati Scambler Classic at a dealers recently. A very cool bike. Slim & neatly styled with the 800cc air cooled V twin engine.

The bike harks back to the single cylinder Scamblers made between 1964-74 in 125/250/350 & 450cc versions. These bikes were made at the request of the US importer, the Berliner Motor Corp. They were based on sports models but with high bars & styling for the American market. Neither the old or new Scramblers are, eh, scramblers. The new bike is more in the flat tracker style. 
1974 450cc Scrambler. Built from....
....the 450 Mk 3
Hipsters have a choice of four models of the new Scambler.  

Full Throttle

Urban Enduro



  1. The new Ducati Scrambler has me intrigued.

    A friend has one on order but it won't be here for a month or so. We'll see how he likes it compared to his Ural and Triumph Tiger.