Saturday, 13 June 2015

CBF Clutch Fix

A short while ago my CBF250's clutch started slipping. Going uphill in high gear the revs would rise but the speed didn't. This was surprising. Although the little bike has done a fair amount of miles, bike clutches don't generally wear out. Especially since the CBF has modest power and low gearing so doesn't give the clutch a hard time.

Before proceeding further I checked the cable. The pull on the lever wasn't excessive but the cable seemed to be sticking. You can try squirting some oil down it but I thought I could do more.

I fitted a tube over the end of the cable, filled it with solvent and blew it through the cable with an air gun attached to my compressor. I then blew some chain lube through it.

Success! the clutch no longer slips. Seems that the resistance in the cable was enough to cause slippage.

Clutch lever
Operating arm on engine
Disconnect the cable at the lever....
....and at engine
Attached tube....
...and blew through some solvent then chain lube

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