Sunday, 24 May 2015

Tiddler Tootle 2015

The annual VMCC run for under 250cc bikes at their mid-way stop at Fintry.
(I'm guessing the models - you may know better) 


 A nice pair of Ducati singles. A Desmo 250 & an Elite 200

 Another Italian single - an MV 175

 "World Champion"

 One to inspire my brother Norman, a Honda CL175

 An old timer with a spare drive belt.

A pair of trail bikes - Yamaha DT175 & Triumph Blazer 250
 Messerschmitt KR200 & BMW R25 

Ariel Arrow

 Yamaha FS1E known as the "Fizzy". As a moped it could be ridden at 16 rather than 17 for a motorcycle. But at the time to be classified as a moped it had to have pedals. The pedal cranks can both be pointed forwards for footrests.

 Where many British bikers started in the '60's - BSA Bantam & C15


  1. Nice collection of pics, can you get any onto the VMCC clyde valley and Stirling castle web pages?

    1. I'm not in the club, so I don't think so. But if anyone wants the pictures I took they are free to use them. There were lots of people taking pictures so I guess they'll have plenty for their website.