Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Electric Bicycle

East Ayrshire Council are about to open an "Active Travel Hub" at the railway station in Kilmarnock. Cycles will be for hire and today I was given a chance to try out an electric bicycle.

It was a Raleigh Modus with a "step through" frame. It has ten speed gears and four stage electric assistance. You select the right gear to pedal and choose the level of assistance you want. (Eco/Tour/Sport/Turbo) I mostly used Tour on the flat and Turbo for the odd hill. The assistance is unobtrusive - like a hidden hand helping you along. It was most noticeable when accelerating or going up hills. On the flat I was doing 15 mph with little effort. I did nearly 20 miles. The range is about 40 miles.  

 The start of the cycle route is a disused railway line

 On the route

 Weird stuff grows in the countryside

 Bringing in the hay

 Electric motor

 Battery pack (below bag)


 Riding a horse would be more fun here!

 There's always time to snap an interesting bridge

 I refuelled here

 "Puffers" in Irvine harbour - these ships supplied the highlands & islands from Glasgow in days past.

A carter and his horse

 Not a stitch of Lycra in sight!

   Next stop - America.

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