Tuesday, 13 October 2015

FJ Exhaust

The FJ suddenly became a lot louder recently on the motorway. The exhaust collector box outlet had snapped through. The ideal solution would be a stainless steel replacement. These cost about £150 and will last forever. Is it worthwhile on an old bike that is, to be honest, in the autumn of its years?

So I took a punt and got a used box from eBay. It was cheap and luckily sound. Its not the same at the Yamaha original, I'm sure it’s a Motad. A good thing is that exhaust parts from the various FJs, XJR & Motad are all interchangable.

                                          The collector box outlet rusted through


The downpipes were a bit tarnished so I gave them a coat of high temperature paint. They don't really need it because they're stainless.

 The box also got a coat of paint.

                                                              Back together…

                                                                ...and fitted.

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