Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Run to the Coast

I've started the year the way I mean to go on - by getting out the bike when possible. Today was dull and breezy but dry (at first) and a bearable temperature (6C/43F) so I went for a run to the nearby coast.

"Endeavour" sculpture at Port Glasgow depicts an ocean liner
Nearby is the paddle steamer "Comet". It was built in the town in 1811 and was the first successful stream passenger ship in Europe. This is a replica built in the 1960's by shipyard apprentices.
I'm perfectly dressed for a stroll along the waterfront
Cranes at Inchgreen dry dock, Greenock

The Custom House, Greenock

This is a poignant place being the last view of Scotland many would have

I've always thought that this is a fine looking tenement building

The Esplanade, Greenock

The tug "Bruiser"

Memorial drinking fountain to novelist John Galt on the Esplanade

They must be hardy souls in Gourock!

Gourock seafront

Kip Marina
A Viking in Largs. There is a Viking theme here because of the Battle of Largs in 1263.

It wasn't a day for ice cream

Wish you were here? a very dull Largs seafront
A bike shop in Seamill of which I was previously unaware. They seem to specialise in "classics". For my brother here's an old one of his - a Honda CB200.

Saltcoats. It had started to rain and the light was fading - time to head for home. 


  1. Nothing dull in visiting the waterfront. I am an ocean person I would prefer living close to a coast to get a salty sea breeze every once in a while. Instead I have to live in the Black Forest and close to the Alps. ;-) Cheers, SonjaM

  2. You're never far from the sea in Scotland and it is always worth a visit - but you have the Bodensee.

  3. A chilly day, but it looks like a nice ride with good sights to see.

    1. It was gloomy and cool rather than cold - but any run in January is a bonus. The advantage of this country is that it is compact - all the photos were taken in 30 miles of coast.

  4. I've swam in the pool at Gourock, eaten ice-cream from Nardini's, and been to Vikingaar in Largs. All during the summer, mind.