Thursday, 7 January 2016

Featured Bike - Horex VR6

Horex produced bikes in Germany between 1920 & 1960. The name was revived in 2010 and the VR6 was designed. The company went bust in 2014 but were bought last year by the 3C-Carbon Composite Company who intent to market the VR6.

The bike is a sort of naked retro but with an interesting engine. It is a 1200cc 6 cylinder in a VR configuration. That is half-way between an inline engine and a vee (the R is from "Reihenmotor" = inline engine) It is a narrow angle vee engine with staggered cylinders and a single cylinder head. There are three valves per cylinder and three overhead camshafts. The engine is claimed to produce 170 bhp. 

Volkswagen use a VR6 engine in many of their cars.


VR6 engine block

Triple overhead camshafts 
An unusual feature of the VR engine is that the piston crowns are tapered so that they are parallel to the head

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