Monday, 18 January 2016

Been 'Round the World (at least that's the way it feels)

We're just returned from our annual winter week in the sun. This year we went to the Spanish Canary island of Tenerife. And very pleasant it was too. A nice hotel with great weather & scenery. But things went a bit wrong on the way back. If fact it turned into a version of the comedy movie "Planes, Trains & Automobiles".

On Saturday snow fell at Glasgow Airport. It seems that it wasn't serious but the runway had to be closed for two hours. This lead to a knock-on delay of five hours to our flight back. Problem was that the crew had run out of flying hours and we could only make it to M├ílaga. After much hanging about we finally got to bed just after 6am. We were in Torremolinos, a Spanish resort developed in the 1960's. 

It was interesting to visit southern Spain in winter. We've been there many times in spring & autumn (summer is way to hot for us) As it turned out it was very pleasant. It was a bright sunny day and about 17C/63F. There are some ugly old concrete buildings but also a charming old town. With few tourists that this time of year we joined the locals for a stroll along the seafront. It was funny for us northeners to see them wearing coats and scarfs in conditions we found fairly warm.

Our travels

Buenos dias Torremolinos! I suppose there are worst views to wake up to.
This was actually a very nice hotel and a lot better than sleeping on an airport floor!
On the beach - you do do a lot worse than spend a winter down here.

It's not called the Costa del Sol for nothing
Locals fishing
Nice sculpture - nasty architecture
The old town
The Casa de los Navajas is a moorish style mansion. Now surrounded by '60's concrete
Gwen joins the locals enjoying their Sunday afternoon paseo (stroll)
But it's always nice to get back home (groan)


  1. Hmmm, the weather on holiday looks better than back home.

    1. It's to be expected. In US terms Glasgow to Malaga is about the same distance as Boston to Miami.