Monday, 8 February 2016

Every Picture Tells a Story #6 - Former MZ Factory, August 2002

For many years I ran various MZs as commuter/winter bikes. They were basic, rugged two stroke singles produced in East Germany. There is an active owners club in this country and in 2002 they arranged a trip to the factory for the annual "Emmenrausch" rally. Emmenrausch = MZ euphoria (?)

The rally was held at the new factory at Hohndorf but I had to visit the place where my bikes were made; the old state factory in nearby Zschopau.

My FJ at the old factory

The new factory
A sidecar and trailer seems a heavy load for a ETZ250
BK350 flat twin two stroke outfit

ISDT & road race MZ bikes at the museum in Augustusburg Castle

This German guy started out to the rally on his 250 outfit but the engine blew up so he came on this ETZ125 and bought a new engine at the autojumble.

My brother wearing a skirt 


  1. These MZ were rugged little bikes indeed. 'Rausch' could also mean... intoxication, if you smell too much of the two stroke exhaust fumes ;-)

    1. Intoxication - yes, I remember now how it was explained to me.

      The MZ club used to sell a "I love the smell of two stroke in the morning" T shirt!