Thursday 16 June 2016

It's not much, but it got me home.

It's a short length of brass tube.

Today I rode into town on my Yamaha FJ1200 for my weekly lunch with a former work colleague. Near my usual parking place the bike started to splutter, but I got there ok. I had lunch and decided to go home via the town rather than the motorway. You do not want to break down on Glasgow's Kingston Bridge. The bike ran fine until very close to home. I'd have pushed if wasn't uphill. I had an idea what was wrong and that's where the tube comes in. The fuel pump was failing intermittently. It is a mechanical pump with points to make & break a circuit. These wear and stop the pump from working. The FJ doesn't actually need a pump, gravity will do. I by-passed the pump and the bike ran ok. I have a spare pump and it's simple to fit. 

I knew the pump was suspect because when it's working ok there's a rapid series of clicks when the ignition is switched on and this wasn't happening.

The hiccup in April link could have been the early signs of the pump failing. 

This got me home.

The fuel pump (bottom left) with fuel hoses attached.

The fuel pump by-passed. Fuel hoses joined with pipe.


  1. Good thing you are handy and could bypass the pump.

    1. I should have said that it wasn't brilliant foresight on my part. My old FJ had problems with its fuel pump years ago and I made the connector pipe to keep it running while I found a replacement pump. After that I carried the tube "just in case". It only takes 5 minutes to fit.