Friday, 12 August 2016

Every Picture Tells a Story #8 - York Flood, April 1983.

In the early '80's we often visited York at Easter. At that time of year the weather was generally getting good enough to travel and York is not too far away (about 200 miles)

This photograph shows Gwen (in black) sitting on a table at the Kings Arms pub as the River Ouse rises and starts to flood the quayside. A Honda CB125 is in danger of getting stranded by the rising water. The pub gets flooded so regularly that there is a plaque on the wall recording flood levels.

(from the web)

Other photos in the envelope were the railway museum....

....daffodils at the city walls....

......a run to the coast at Flamborough. The object bottom right is not a shaggy dog but Gwen's '80's perm

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  1. The 80's perm... I remember this hairdo (mildly embarrassed). I like this trip back in time.