Saturday 7 January 2017

First Run of the Year

Today it was dull but dry, calm and tolerably mild (8C/46F) so I thought I'd go for a run. My CBF250 was fixed and back on the road. I've mostly been riding my SV650 for the last nine months and the bike is so capable it could be used all year round. But I've got the CBF going and I'd like to avoid a contest between the council's de-icing salt and the Suzuki's build quality.

So I wrapped up well, cranked the heated grips up to max and unleashed the mighty Honda's 22 bhp on the roads of Ayrshire on a run to the coast.

Before the coast I stopped for this photograph of the India Tyres building. Constructed in 1930 in the art deco style.

In Greenock I found this monster - the Ceona Amazon - a cable & pipe laying ship.

This bit looks like something from The Transformers

Also in Greenock was the Hebridean Princess. A former car ferry converted to a small cruise ship. Laid up for the winter, I think.

The CBF at the waterfront in Greenock


The Cumbrae ferry

The "Viking" provided chips for lunch.

Chips, known as a "Glasgow salad".

This guy had his eye on my chips.

Sorry buddy, it's against the rules!

This BSA Starfire was in Route 78 M/Cs A 250cc single like my CBF.

The beach at Ardrossan.
It was a bit gloomy but getting out at all at this time of year is a bonus and it was good to find that the CBF was running well after its recent repairs.


  1. So glad you found a dry day to get out. The pipe laying ship looks interesting.

    With the ice/snow we've had lately there is a lot of gravel on the roads. Oregon doesn't use salt, they prefer tons of gravel instead.

    1. Yes it was a weird thing. Huge too, I saw it from miles away. Although gloomy it's been reasonably dry & mild here. We're a good 20C warmer than central/eastern Europe at present.

  2. 22 bhp? Luxury! I went to Largs on my scooter just after Christmas. 10 ripsnorting bhp!