Wednesday 18 January 2017

In The News - US Bike Tariff Shock

Fancy a Vespa scooter, a KTM dirt bike or perhaps the new BMW G310R? Well they might be about to get a lot more expensive if you live in the USA.

The Office of United States Trade Representative has proposed a 100% tariff on motorcycles between 50 and 500cc manufactured in the European Union. This is part of a long-running trade dispute because the EU has banned US meat from animals treated with growth hormones.

There isn't an obvious connection between bikes and beef and US dealerships will be hit. The US doesn't make many bikes in this category so the winners will be Japan, China & Korea.   

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  1. And those of us here in the USA are just shaking our heads. I can't blame Europe for not wanting US Beef, there is a reason we've vegan and it isn't just for the animals.

    1. Seems that there isn't strong evidence that hormone-fed meat is bad for you but it's something you feel you want to avoid