Friday, 27 January 2017

Hollywood comes to Ayrshire

It was sunny but cold yesterday so I went for a run to the coast on my CBF250.

I stopped at the harbour in the village of Dunure south of Ayr.

I don't remember these timber buildings.

All is not what is seems. I'm on a film set. A couple told me it was for the TV series "Outlander".


  1. I do not know the aforementioned TV show but I am always interested in the making of. I wish I could be out riding as well...

  2. That must have been a bit of a surprise to all of a sudden see a bunch of building that weren't there before. Hopefully the TV people are paying the town well.

    We've been locked in fog just above freezing so it is nice to see your sunny pictures.

  3. Outlander (as far as I know) is a US/UK production shown on the Startz network in the US (but not yet in the UK?) It's a science fiction/historical/romantic drama about a woman who travels through time to Scotland during the Jacobean uprising of the 18th century.

    I nearly rode away without realising it was a film set. The Harbour is run as a charitable trust so this will be a welcome source of cash.

    It has been cool but dry here this winter with the odd sunny day. Scotland isn't as cold as you'd expect given its northerly location. Being surrounded by sea moderates the climate and it's a lot less cold than most of continental Europe at this time of year.

    I've done 800 miles this month on my CBF250 which is more than usual.