Monday 20 February 2017

A Short Run to Fife

It was a wet morning here today but it dried up later and the weatherman promised 12C/54F which is pretty much spring here. I headed to Fife on my CBF250, it was a short run but there was plenty to see.

Entering the Kingdom from the Kincardine Bridge

Longannet Power Station, now closed, burned coal mined in this area.

At Culross I passed this building. With its stone roof it looks like a dungeon but is the boathouse for a nearby mansion.

Culross is a well-preserved town with many interesting buildings. It was founded on mining. Coal provided the power for another industry - the production of salt.

This is the town "tron" or weighting scales. Goods would be weighted here before being loaded onto ships.

How things looked in days past.

Culross Palace dates from about 1600 and was built on the profits from coal. The red tiles are unusual for Scotland (slate being more common) but ships exporting coal & salt to Europe brought them back as ballast. The palace was getting some winter maintenance today.

The cobbled back streets were very bumpy!

Culross Abbey (1217)

In Charlestown there was evidence of another industry that used the local coal. These are lime kilns built around 1750. They operated until 1956.

The next town along is eh, Limekilns.

The Firth of Forth

In the town there were some classic cars outside the church. There seemed to be a funeral going on - for a car enthusiast?

The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth under construction at the naval dockyard at Rosyth.


  1. Great pictures. A nice contrast with the ominous clouds.

    1. "ominous clouds", or as we call them in Scotland, "the sky"! I should have added in the posting that all the photographs were taken in only 12 miles of coast.