Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Devil's Beef Tub

Today was sunny so I went for a run. It's still cool (7C/45F) but wrapped up well and with heated grips set to "high" it was quite pleasant. I went down to Dumfries and stopped at the Devil's Beef Tub on the way home. This is a hollow formed by hills at the end of a valley. The name comes from its use by the Johnstones, a local clan, to hide stolen cattle.

Panoramas of the Beef Tub

This a memorial to a covenanter shot by troops here in 1685

The CBF in Glencaple


  1. Such an odd name, but once you explained the reasoning it makes sense. I thought maybe it was a pub when I read the title.

  2. I was with Trobairitz on this one--I thought that this post was gonna go foodie. :D Living in the American West, I enjoy a good stolen cattle story. ;-)

  3. The Devil's Beef PUB? - I'd drink there!

    This area is associated with the Border Reivers - lawless families who plundered on both sides of the border.