Thursday 9 February 2017

Featured Bike - Honda CB750A (1977)

I saw this rare and unusual version of the sohc Honda 750 advertised locally on Gumtree. The "A" stands for automatic. This was a short-lived model fitted with automatic transmission. Well, semi-automatic transmission. It had no clutch but its two gears had to be selected manually. Drive was via a torque converter (like an automatic car) This fluid coupling meant that only two gears were required.

The bike has a mildly custom look and is different to the CB750 of the time. Note the lack of clutch lever.

The rev-counter is replaced with a dial showing gear position etc. The bike  had a parking brake on the rear wheel so it could safely be parked on an incline. There is a warning light for this.
The bike has a convential gear lever. Note "Hondamatic" badge.

A back-up kick starter is stowed under the seat.

The bike was on sale for £2,000 which seems reasonable given that it looks in good condition and that CB750s of this era are becoming collectable. I don't think this model was ever sold in the UK. Probably a US import.

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