Saturday, 10 June 2017

Accident - Update #2 - The Damage

I've got my bike back!

The cops inspected it on Friday then released it.

I was hoping that the damage wouldn't be too serious. As I've said the rear wheel locked up at about 50 mph but I managed to hold the bike upright until we were going fairly slowly. At this point I was thrown up in the air and the bike fell over. It scraped up the road for only a short distance. 
The bike looks ok. I removed the seat to charge the battery. It was flat probably because the ignition was left on.

Some scrapes to the brake reserve, lever & screen

The handlebar dented the tank. This is too bad but I've never liked the colour of the bike. This might be an excuse to re-spray the bike

The engine bars were only slightly scraped. This indicates that the bike was going fairly slowly when it hit the ground.

I got the horse rug back. I was expecting it to be chewed up where it had jammed the chain or rear wheel but it has very little damage. Strange - I'll investigate further then I'm better.

So the damage is minor and easily repairable. SVs are common in the UK and there are plenty of parts on eBay. The cause of the accident is not yet clear. I fired up the engine and the bike ran fine through the gears on its centre stand. So no issues with seizing.


  1. Perplexing. Blanket seems like the primary suspect to me. Clearly you need to get to the bottom of it before you ride it again! Hope you are on the mend!

    1. There are a few other things I want to look at but they'll have to wait. The collar bone seems to be healing ok.

  2. With a broken collar bone I was expecting more damage to the bike. Looks like the crash bars did their job.

    1. From what I could remember I wasn't expecting a lot of damage. I was riding in a straight line at about 50 mph when the rear wheel locked. I held the bike upright until the end when the rear wheel came round. At this point it gripped and the bike highsided. This, I think, threw me up in the air. I seem to remember flying over the bike and landing head first from about 6 feet high. I landed on my shoulder and the back of my head. I was concussed but, from reports, conscious. I lost about two hours.

      Gwen passed the location and said that there was 60 feet of rubber followed by 6 feet of scraping. This indicates that the bike was upright most of the time. The engine bars helped things but even it has only light scoring.

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