Sunday, 24 September 2017

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

I took a run into town today to see this year's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. This is a worldwide charity event where riders get a chance to dress up.

I was spectating only. This isn't my sort of thing and none of my bikes are hip or trendy enough to pass muster. But since my brother was dressing up like a fool I thought it was worth attending. It was wet, but that didn't stop a large amount of riders attending.

A very damp George Square

Dress code for the day

My brother arrives on his Bonneville

Not looking foolish at all

Facial hair was de rigueur

At the dealers - Triumphs and, er, Triumphs

Meriden metal

Keith on his Nimbus

David and his BMW R60/2

Classic Brit café racer


  1. Stylish, not foolish. The Ariel won 'Best Bike'.

  2. I'd take the Ariel or the Nimbus in a heartbeat--what great designs! :D

  3. Nice to see so many turn up in the rain.

    A good excuse for you to take incriminating pics of your brother too.