Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fun in the Rain?

If you ride a motorcycle in Scotland you will not be unfamiliar with rain. Although nowadays I mostly ride for pleasure and can choose when I travel I usually avoid the wet stuff. It was different in my commuting days when I had to ride whatever was coming from the sky but that was only for 30 minutes at a time.

The weather here for some time now had been what the weatherman calls "changeable", changing about every 10 minutes I estimate. We're away next week so I was keen to get out on the bike but the forecast was dire. Then I thought "can you have a pleasant day out in bad weather?" I looked out gear that I thought would keep me dry and set off for the coast.

I knew what I was heading into

The wet gear

The CBF at Loch Thom

Abandoned farmhouse

Largs. By now it was raining hard and I couldn't take any more photos because the lens was soaked and I had no way of drying it. Time to head for home.
So to answer my question "can you have a pleasant day out in bad weather?". Well, no, not really. On the plus side my gear did keep me reasonably dry and the little CBF is great in the wet. It's light and the lack of power is an advantage in slippery conditions. 


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  2. Not pleasant, but at least you were out on two wheels.

    1. Yes, any day on the bike is a good day. It was just for a bit of fun. Enjoyable - well, for a while. Looking at the news I suppose we're lucky - we don't get hurricanes.