Monday 30 October 2017

An Autumn Scene (and a Quirky Story)

At this time of year I usually present you with some photographs of autumn foliage. I haven't got many this year. To capture the colours of the leaves you need some sunshine and this has been in short supply recently. I took this snap in the Clyde Valley recently but wasn't going to post it until I read the story of the location.

The photograph is across Milton-Lockhart Bridge. This is a private road and the gatehouse at the far end of the bridge suggests that this is the entrance to a stately home. And so it was, "was" being the operative word.
There is a photograph of the bridge crossing the River Clyde I took some time ago. It is a sturdy and well-proportioned masonry arch.

Beyond it once stood Milton-Lockhart House, built in 1839. This is where the story gets strange. In 1987 Japanese actor/director, Masahiko Tsugawa happened to be passing the house, by this time derelict. He arranged to buy the property and have it transported to and re-erected in Japan. Its journey east was partly by the Trans Siberian railway, permission being granted by President Mikhail Gorbachev. 

The house, as it was.
Masahiko looks happy with his purchase
The house, now renamed Lockheart Castle, at its new location in Japan.
The house is now the centre of a medieval village and home to the World Santa museum.


  1. That is just odd. Can you imagine moving a castle? I guess that is the definition of eccentric - crazy, but rich.

    Does that mean you get to ride over the bridge now since the castle is gone?

    1. I think access has got worst recently. During the time that house was derelict and demolished locals had access to the estate. In recent years I noticed that the grounds had been tidied up. It seems that a wealth businessman bought the estate and built a new house in the style of the old one. He put up fences to protect his privacy. I found articles about the locals being unhappy about this but I can see both sides of the argument. If you search "Milton Lockhart House" you'll find information.

      They moved London Bridge and re-built it in Arizona - I suppose anything is possible if you have the cash.