Tuesday, 31 October 2017

CBF Starter Motor Fix

On a recent visit to the city centre my Honda CBF250 failed to start. The instrument lights came on but the starter remained silent. I enlisted the help of a passer-by to give me a push. The CBF bumped started easily so I got home ok. Back home the starter would work occasionally. There was power getting to the motor so I had a good idea what was wrong.

The first thing to check on a DC motor is the brushes. These are made of carbon and wear down with time. One of the two brushes was well below the service limit so replacement was necessary.

After market brushes are available but I didn't fancy trying to connected them up. The starter draws a lot of current and I'm not sure my soldering would have took it. I bought an original Honda set that come with the brushes connected to the plate and terminal.

The little starter motor. This might be small but a replacement unit is £588.18 ($777) - much more than my whole bike is worth!

The parts. I got them from Fowler's. I ordered on Sunday evening and they arrived this morning (Tues), so good service.

The old and the new - note the length of the brushes.

All back together and the little bike's starter is spinning like a top! Given the weather maybe I should just use the car.


  1. That is a spendy starter. Glad you could just replace the brushes.

    1. The price of the starter motor caught my eye but it's unlikely you'd ever have to buy one. The brushes are the only part that can wear or break.