Thursday, 2 November 2017

Autumn Run

A strange thing happened today - the sun shone. So I had to get out for a run. I thought it would be cold so I took the CBF rather than the SV. In doing this I lost 50 bhp but gained a pair of heated grips. As it turned out it was pleasantly mild in the sun but the grips saved the day as it became evening.

Abandoned church in Barrhill. I think I've featured this building previously but I do like a picturesque ruin.

Old crawler tractor

I liked this old lattice truss footbridge over the Cross Water of Luce with its rust shining in the autumn sun.

It was very calm today. Nice riding conditions but not so good for this wind farm.

The Cross Water of Luce

New Luce

Now this confused me. It is a strangely shaped bucket on a pole suspended by a chain. What was its purpose? Well, nothing really, it's an art installation.

The sun over Luce Bay

Luce Bay


  1. A beautiful day to be out on two wheels. The sun shining makes all the photos have a nice warm glow. Very nice.

    1. You have to take advance of any sun - a rare thing here now. Also it's getting a bit cool.