Saturday, 11 November 2017

Featured Bike - Kawasaki H2 SX (2018)

In 2015 Kawasaki introduced the Ninja H2. This is a supersport bike powered by a supercharged 1000cc 4 cylinder engine. Initially there were two versions. A street bike with 200 bhp and the track-only H2R with an insane 310 bhp. These bikes are expensive - the H2 is twice the price of the ZZR1400 (ZX14) or ZX10 and the H2R is a lot more.

The H2 doesn't seem the obvious basis for a touring machine but Kawasaki have announced the H2 SX. This is a sports touring version with a more relaxed riding position and panniers. So if you have deep pockets (probably about £30,000 - no price yet) and like to tour very fast - this might be for you.

 Promo video - nice alpine scenery

Slick "studio" video

Kawasaki have used the H2 name previously - the Mach IV 750cc two stroke triple of 1972-5.   


The H2 SX seems to be priced at £15,000 - so a lot less than I expected given that the H2 it's based on is £28,000.

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