Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Water of Urr

I went on a run yesterday to this (fairly obscure) river in Dumfriesshire. It's not very big or picturesque but, as is often the case, it's what I found on the run that's interesting.

Just east of the mouth of the river I found this fine view over Mersehead Sands

The view is from this rental cottage

I could also see the Robin Rigg wind farm in the Solway Firth

Kippford is at the mouth of the river - a place I'm sure I've never visited before today


On the other side of the river is the village of Palnackie which has is a small harbour where some ships were being repaired

The village is the location for the World Flounder Tramping Championships. See here for the grisly details

Army truck in the village

I've featured this before. Stepend Ford at The Haugh of Urr. It looks pretty deep to me

It's hard to imagine that it would be dry enough in Scotland to ever cross the ford. I'm sure that the word "DEEP" was added to the ford sign after an "incident"!

The SV shining in the fleeting autumn sun

"Thou shalt not fish on the Sabbath"

Only ten miles from the sea and the river now is just a stream

An autumn scene in the woods


  1. Love that last picture, and the wind farm is quite something. We don't have any along the Pacific Ocean here in Oregon but they have talked about it. For now we just see the turbines inland.

    1. The UK is the world leader in offshore wind power, well it is quite breezy here!

      The last picture is a favourite road of mine beside the River Nith. It was a little tricky due to the occasional patches of dead leaves.

  2. Hey Stuart, the last pic looks like it has been taken in my neck of the woods... otherwise I ver much envy you for your water views... I miss the ocean.

    1. The woods look nice at this time of the year with the leaves starting to get their autumn colours. In this country you're never far from the sea.