Thursday, 14 December 2017

CBF250 Centre Stand Fix

Here I'm trying to fix a niggling fault on my CBF250. The centre stand has given problems over a long period. It was prone to jamming then it got loose and wobbly. The stand attaches by a pin through lugs on the frame and a tube on the stand. Water gets in causing rust. This initially caused it to seize and then it got loose as metal was lost.

If you run a bike for a lot of miles in all weathers then this is the type of repair you'll have to do. Remember this bike is used year round and for a good part of that it's saturated in salty water.

The pin

The stand

Frame lugs

The pin is nominally 16mm diameter but has worn

As has the stand (a 17mm dia socket fits in)

The gap in clearly visible

The socket easily fits into the lugs
In the past I spaced it out with bits of beer can but I thought that I could do better. Replacing parts isn't viable - the lugs are part of the frame. My plan is to drill the stand and lugs out to 18mm and make an 18mm pin.

I bought a 18mm diameter drill. I got one with a reduced diameter shank so that it fits into my drill chuck. I also got a length of 18mm stainless steel tubing. Stainless wouldn't corrode and also is quite hard so should resist wear.

The drill bit removes a small amount of metal

New pin
Back together. It's a nice tight fit - wobblyness gone.


  1. Wow. That is a great idea for the fix. Good thinking.

    1. I was thinking about this for a while. Cheap & easy - my kind of repair!

  2. Good job! Was the drilling of the stainless easy enough?? I need new bits, never seem to buy decent ones!

    1. Drilling was no problem. The tube is only 1.5mm thick. I used the first stage of a step drill which I find are good cutters.

  3. Step drills are great! I keep forgetting I have a set!! Happy New Year!!