Tuesday 26 December 2017

White Christmas

Snow at Christmas is fairly rare here but we got some this year (just) It has been mild recently but snow started to fall late on Christmas Day. I went for a short run today to get some snaps. It was a short run because I wasn't convinced that the roads were ice-free and, as the sun began to set and the temperature dropped, I wasn't convinced that my heated grips could keep my fingers ice-free. The pain as they thawed out was pretty intense. But, hey, I do this so you don't have to.

2:45 pm and the sun is about to set.


  1. You managed to get some nice pictures. Thank you for enduring the cold.

    We woke to 51˚F (10.5˚C) this morning. Downright balmy for December. Of course they are forecasting a 1/2 inch of rain today. But at least it is warm.

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. The snow makes everything look pretty - for a while anyway. It's fairly rare here so a bit of a novelty. It was too cold to ride for more than a few miles.