Thursday, 25 January 2018

A Run to the Capital & the Coast

Well the snow's gone so I thought I'd better get out on the bike. I looked at the map for somewhere not too far away - it is still cool - so I took a run to Edinburgh. I don't think about Edinburgh as a coastal city but it is and I thought I'd explore the seaside.

My first stop is the western suburb of Cramond.
Here I'm looking north across the Firth of Forth with Camond Island on the right

There is a walkway to the island but it is underwater at high tide. These are the tide tables.
You have been warned!

I have a knack of visiting the coast at low tide but this was an advantage today. Beside the walkway are a row of concrete posts.
These were war time defences that partially closed the estuary as part of measures to protect the naval base at Rosyth which is upstream from here.
Like a pro I make sure to get myself in the shot!
There are many impressive buildings in this area. This is Muirhouse Mansion built in 1832 in the Gothic Tudor style. I'm not sure what it's used for now - rented apartments maybe. The dumpster out front spoils it's grandeur a bit.
Of course I have to include an old bridge. This is the Victoria Swing Bridge at Leith Docks.
Sunshine on Leith! - it's 2pm but the sun is low in the sky.
The SV sparkles in the winter sunshine
The beach at Portobello….
…..and Musselburgh
The "Auld Brig" over the River Esk in Musselburgh
The town from the bridge
Canada Geese graze at the river bank
For lunch I had chips and sauce. The sauce part seems to be unique to Edinburgh (salt & vinegar usually being offered). It's just brown sauce that has been watered down to make it runny. A bit messy to eat with your hands and not something I'd usually consume, but when in Rome…..

I was expecting it to be cool but it was tolerably mild (10C/50F) and with some sun and no wind it was quite pleasant and it was great of be out on the bike again.


  1. Sure glad the snow melted. I heard there might be another storm headed your way though.

    Looks like a beautiful sunny day to be out on the bike. The mansion is pretty cool, but I always enjoy the bridges.

    Hard to believe that many people get stranded on the island a year, but I guess if they don't read the sign.....

    1. Our weather mostly blows in from the Atlantic so, in winter, there's often a storm heading our way.

      After the cold spell it was surprising mild - roll on spring!

      Cramond Island is near the city so I suppose a lot of people visit. The tide here goes out a fair way so it would be easy to think you were ok, then get caught out.