Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Monte Carlo Rally 2018

The Historique, Classique and Heritage classes of the Monte Carlo Rally departed from Paisley this evening. I didn't think I'd make it, the weather was horrendous - hail, snow & thunder - but it backed off so I got there. 

Triumph Herald driven by Austrian father & son team of Mateo & Andrzej Szmidt.

Porsche 914/6

Classic '60's rally car. This Mini Cooper S is from Malta with a British crew.

What a grand old bus! - a 1955 Mercedes Benz 220A. The owner is from Northern Ireland and he imported the car from Tasmania.

A pair of beauties, a Jaguar XK150S…..

…..and a 1935 Aston Martin Mk II

Chevrolet Coupe from Belgium

The humblest of cars go rallying like this Ford Prefect…..

…..and Ford Popular "Flying Tortoise"

Lancia Fulvia

Hillman Imp - made near here in Linwood. The owner bought it from a lady in 2001 in poor condition for £50 and made good on a promise to take her for a run in it once it was restored.

The cars gather at the Abbey


  1. Cool cars. Wouldn't that be fun to take part in?

    1. It's great that there are people who built and drive these oldies.

      There were lots of cool cars, I think my favourite was the big Merc. If it was painted black it would be perfect for some gangsters!