Thursday 27 June 2019

A Run in the Sun

Europe is currently enjoying (or enduring) a heatwave at the moment with the temperatures topping 40C (100+F) Nothing like that in Scotland, of course, but it was warm & sunny today.

I was short on time so I went for a favourite "winter run" of mine to the Rosneath Peninsular.

Might be worth a visit

Looking up Loch Gare towards Garelochhead and the naval base at Faslane.

Loch Long

This area has many grand old houses. This one is now a hotel.

I always stop here to admire the view up Loch Long

One for the vexillologists. This flag was flying at the house with the view. Bermuda, I think (I looked it up)


Looking down Loch Long to the Firth of Clyde

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