Monday 24 June 2019

Midsummer Run

On Friday I had a night out for a former colleague who was leaving. But I wanted to go for a run so I set off early.   

When you're 56 degrees north of the equator daylight is in good supply at this time of year. Sunrise was at 4:30am! and by seven it was as light as noon.  

My route

The Falls of Dochart in Killin

The ancient burial place of the Clan MacNab is on an island in the river.

Loch Tay - I took the minor road on the south side.

The River Tay at Aberfeldy

Near Crieff


The impressive bridge over the River Tay, completed in 1771.

From the bridge there is a view to the North Inch

The North Inch is a large park

The Inch was the site of the "Battle of the Clans" in 1396. Effectively a mass trial by combat to settle a feud. Read the gory details here. the battle

Most towns in Britain have a statue of Queen Victoria but here is one of her husband, Prince Albert.

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