Thursday, 4 July 2019

Borders Run on the FJ

After fixing its leaking fork the FJ passed its MOT (annual safety check) This allowed me to do some overdue maintenance on the SV (details to follow)

I took the big beast for a run to the Scottish Borders. It is strange riding the FJ even after a break of only a couple of months. Compared to the SV it's heavy but comfortable and an effortless high speed cruiser.

Horses graze beside the River Clyde at Thankerton

Whiteadder Water just over the border in England

Berwick upon Tweed - Berwick Road Bridge with the Royal Border Railway Bridge in the background

The Old Bridge (1634)

Kirkhope Tower near Ettrickbridge. Described by Wikipedia as "remote and austere". Now a private home. Early 16th century.

Yarrow Valley


  1. You just reminded me to do some maintenance on my bike before my next trip.

  2. The fork seal was an easy job. I probably won't have done it if the MOT wasn't due but it would just have caused a mess with oil running down the fork.