Tuesday 6 December 2011

CBF Problem No. 2

I did a short run today to check that the front brake was working and it was. But there was a loud "klunk" from the rear end. The chain? No, it was ok. The rear sprocket was moving about a bit though. The sprocket carrier bearing had broken up. By luck I had a spare and fitted it this evening. Do these things happens in threes? I'll keep you posted.

The remains of the bearing. I welded a bar onto the outer race to drive it out.

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  1. Whoa! I'd forgotten that you have to deal with salt on the roads. My bikes don't have to deal with that problem here in the Sacramento valley. My cars occasionally get up to snow level in the mountains, but don't seem to suffer much. I'm not sure how much salt is put on the roads in California. Back on the East coast I remember my dad grumbling about it when we were stationed in Massachusetts. Good thing that happened on your short test run.