Monday 12 December 2011

Featured Bike - 1931 Matchless Silver Hawk

I photographed this bike at the (rather damp) classic show at Glamis Castle this July. The bike was described as a 600cc ohc V four but it only had a single barrel & head. I had difficulty understanding the engine but research found that it is a very narrow angle V of 18 degrees, so the pistons sit in a "square four" arrangement. The single overhead cam has bevel drive.


  1. Think Square Four configuration would probably be more accurate than V-twin. And bevel gears before Ducati, impressive.

  2. Saw one of these at a show a few years back, have to see if I can find some pics of it. Had me scratching my head as well. The pics you found do explain it though. It really is a V-4, even though initially it doesn't appear as such. with a single crankshaft it is a tad smaller down below than the Square four with two crankshafts. They are both more compact than an across the frame four. Imagine that they are pretty rare machines.