Sunday 23 June 2013

Classic Racing at East Fortune

I went to the motorcycle racing at East Fortune today. The weather forecast was not good but it turned out slightly less bad than predicted. I got there & back (80 miles each way) just about in the dry. There were some showers during the day and a downpour in mid afternoon.

Ducati 250s for road & race

The 350cc class is dominated by the Honda CB350K4

MV 500 (1972) on parade lap

Yamaha TZ750 (1974) also on parade lap

This Ducati 600 TT2 won the Post Classic race

When the track dried there was some knee down action (James Conroy, Honda CB350K4)

The "big wheel" outfits take some riding

Mark Herbertson - Matchless G50 500cc

Mervyn Stratford on his 1934 Rudge didn't win the 250 races like he did last year…..

…..pesky two strokes like this Yamaha TD1C were too quick.

Racing under leaden skies

Robert Walker on his 675cc Velocette Venom Seeley was leading the unlimited race when it was red flagged due to standing water


  1. I was feeling a bit annoyed that I'd forgotten about this event until I saw the last picture :)

  2. And right on your doorstep too. The meeting is not well advertised - I had trouble finding much mention of the event on the web. Pretty unlucky with the weather it being good either side of the weekend.